Discover exactly what college admissions counselors are looking for
in the application and scholarship essays.


This Do-It-Yourself ebook will help students:


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Apply the Key Secrets to Getting Noticed by Admissions Officers


The college application season is here, and it is your student’s time to shine! A high GPA, impressive standardized test scores, and admirable extra-curricular activities are not enough anymore. They may get a student’s foot in the door, but colleges do not have enough room to accept every qualified applicant. The competition is really tough, but a compelling and memorable essay is the key factor for a university to open its doors and welcome your student as part of its student body.


This is the time for students to promote themselves to the admissions officers with positive confidence through powerful essays that breathe life into their applications. As we work together with our students to reveal the wonderfully unique qualities that make them viable candidates, our goal is to have the selection committee place their applications in the “YES” pile.  



Students Selection by Admissions Officers

My son waited to the last minute to start his college application essays. A friend shared that they had ordered the Do-It-Yourself Essay ebook and suggested we look into it. My son has taken ownership of the process and has alot more confidence than before. Highly recommend! Susan S.

Why pick the ebook ?

The DO-IT-YOURSELF essay ebook is ideal to start:

  • when your student is not sure where to begin.
  • when your student knows time is running out!
  • if discussing the dreaded “essay topic” causes stress!

The DO-IT-YOURSELF essay ebook includes:

  • a helpful 36-page workbook to download: theirs to keep!
  • a step-by-step plan to create compelling application essays – all backed by 20+ years of successful experience.
  • a detailed explanation of how to properly address the essay prompts to get applications noticed!
  • what topics students should stay away from in their essays.
  • how to keep an essay current and in the student’s own “voice.”
DO-IT-YOURSELF essay ebook

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