Clarify students' values, strengths, goals, and purpose so that they are chosen for acceptance by the college admissions committees.

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The College Flight Plan Course gives your students everything they need to create an outstanding college application that reflects their unique strengths, values, and goals.  This self-discovery process empowers students to create compelling application essays to successfully launch their college experience.

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Let us be your guides. Be proactive and get started early to gain confidence and a sense of direction as your student approaches the college application process. College costs are already very high, and switching majors is very expensive. This self-discovery process provides a clearer view of what major is best for each student, which can help limit the college experience to four great years and not longer!

Student Self-Discovery and Essay Coaching

A lifeline for students trying to get into the top colleges on their lists

College Flight Plan Online Course

Self-discovery courses

Students go through a process that arms them with valuable information to make them stand out from their competition during the college application process.


Students will be guided through simple exercises and assessments designed to discover their core values, individual strengths, personal goals, and unique purpose in this course.  Armed with this powerful information, they will be able to submit memorable college applications in order to stand out with confidence among the other candidates. Students will go from surviving to thriving as they are accepted into the colleges of their choice, studying a major that best suits them.

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Application Essay Coaching

For students who want to be coached on exactly what college admissions officers are looking for in the application essays.

Students will receive clear guidance into what is needed to complete a compelling essay and advise the pitfalls to avoid. As they respond to the essay prompts thoughtfully, carefully, and completely, they will be confident that they are submitting winning essays in their college applications. We also reveal the correct way to approach scholarship application essays, transfer student essays, “additional information” entries, and COVID essays. With all the expert tips in one location, we offer our ebook, a valuable tool to help students get started quickly in creating memorable application essays.

Your student will discover what is needed to submit a winning application that gets them accepted to the college of their dreams.

1. Take the course

Students complete the proven micro-learning video based program in as little as a week!

2. learn the secrets

Students discover proven secrets to get college admissions officers to notice compelling applications.

3. Gain confidence

Students confidently embark on the college experience that is a perfect fit for them.

Our students go from surviving to thriving as they are accepted into the colleges of their choice in majors that best suit them.

Our encouragement to parents...

     From the moment we first welcome our children into the world, we imagine what they will become and anticipate that bittersweet moment when they leave home to go to college.

     However, what happens when your child doesn’t know what they want to do? You stress and worry, right?

     Switching majors in college is expensive. If you are concerned about your child’s sense of direction and purpose… let us be your guide. With over 20 years of essay editing and one-on-one consulting experience, we will guide your child through a simple process to discover their individual strengths, purpose, values, and goals as we direct those qualities toward success in college and beyond. We want to put your minds at ease. Admissions officers rave about our students, and our families save time and money in the process. We invite you to join in the success!

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College Flight Plan

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