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Helping High-Schooler’s find their Personal Core Values and Purpose, and Graduate from College in 4 years.

Host: Pat Flynn ,

How we share our message to both Parents and Teens

Host: Pat Flynn ,

The Early Steps to Take For College Success

Host: Dr. Laura Jaget ,

Helping Teens Find Their Values and Purpose

Host: Mike Bergin and Amy Seeley ,

How to Help Students Discover Themselves & Activate Their Life’s Purpose

Host: Keri Roberts ,

Word of Mom Radio

Host: Dori DeCarlo ,

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Host: Natasha Poon ,
Podcast Date: 10-5

The Importance of Self-Discovery at an Early Age

Host: Eric and Brandon ,

Helping Students Prepare For Life After High School

Podcast Date: 9/30 1PM

College Preparation and Career Readiness: Helping Your Teen Find Their Purpose

Host: Jackie Wheeker Wiebe ,
Podcast Date: 9/29 7:30am

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