Why Do Universities Require Application Essays?

College Application Essays Let Colleges learn about you



Writing your college application essay is one of the most challenging yet valuable parts of the application process. Your well-crafted essays could decide whether you will be admitted to the top colleges on your list. Many applicants have good GPAs, great SAT or ACT scores, impressive extracurricular activities, and solid educational summer experiences, but universities cannot accept every qualified student who applies. They just don’t have the room. So as the competition gets more heated, the quality of the essays can determine the winner.

The admissions officers want to know your passions, interests, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, values, goals, and feelings. Your GPA, course load, and standardized test scores are not enough for the selection committee to make a thoroughly informed decision as to why they should accept you. Each admissions team is looking for talented students who are uniquely qualified to add value to their university family. An ideal candidate is one who will hit the ground running when they arrive on campus, contribute positively and effectively to the university community, leave a glowing legacy on campus and go on to be a productive member of society who reflects well on their university. With memorable and compelling essays that showcase your distinct natural abilities, you have an excellent opportunity to convince the admissions team to choose you. If you want to know more about what is required to prepare for college check out our Timeline.

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